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You can reduce your trips to the pharmacy while improving your medication adherence. Allow the Nott Street Pharmacy to align your prescription refills by working with your provider and your insurance company on your behalf. With Medication Sync the pharmacy will fill all your monthly prescriptions together allowing you to pick them all up in one convenient routine trip.

Before you finish taking your prescription, the Ellis Nott Street Pharmacy will refill your medications before you need them, relieving any worries of missed refills or running out of medication. A pharmacist will work collaboratively with your provider and insurance company to make this process seamless. Taking all the medications prescribed to you, as directed, leads to overall better health. Medication Sync is especially helpful for people who take multiple, monthly medications such as those with chronic illness, as well as for caregivers or family members managing the cumbersome process of tracking prescription refills..

Benefits of the Medication Sync Program

  • Eliminate the need to request or order your prescription refills
  • Make fewer trips to the pharmacy
  • Reduce worries about running out of your medications
  • Know prescriptions are ready with a friendly communication (Text, Email, Phone)