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Ellis Nott Street Pharmacy offers an easy and convenient way to get your new discharge medications before you leave the hospital.

There are no extra costs for using our pharmacy and many added benefits.

If we haven’t visited your room to ask you to opt-into this service, please give our pharmacy a call to see if we can help make your transition home easier. (518) 612-8833, option 3.

We are open to the public and accept most major prescription insurance plans*

We help prevent interruptions in medication treatment before being discharge from the hospital.

It is proven that getting your medications prior to discharge increases your overall health and care in addition to helping to prevent readmission into the hospital. We find that when new discharge medications are sent to your regular pharmacy, that new medication might not be in stock, or there may be an insurance issue causing a delay in you getting your much needed medication. Why wait until you are on your way home to find out about these issues.

Our pharmacy staff works to prevent those issues before you leave the hospital, so you can get the medications you need and go right home. Say YES to allow us to help you today!

Before you head home, stop by our retail pharmacy so you can:

  • Pick up your discharge medications
  • Talk to a pharmacist about your medications and discharge instructions
  • Shop our store for inexpensive over-the-counter products

You can easily pick up your discharge medications before you leave the hospital, or on your way out. Our staff will take the time to review important information about your new medications with you.

*We DO NOT participate with CDPHP Managed Care Medicaid and CDPHP commercial plans. We DO accept CDPHP Medicare Part D for seniors.